Safety comes first.

We are running a freediving, surf and lifesaving school since 1995 in France, with worldwide freediving trainings, events and competitions’ organizations since 1993, and not a single incident to record.

We are professionals with:

  • Highest national state diplomas in sports teaching, scuba diving, freediving, surf, lifesaving, first aid, CPR and water rescue, physical high level training and mental preparation
  • Handisport specialization and certification
  • International certifications in freediving and yoga

All our instructors are trained and certified in freediving, lifesaving, first aid and CPR.

We operate from the shore where a beach hut has been built to facilitate baywatching and lifesaving. We have first aid kits and medical O2 on site with a specific evacuation plan to chosen doctors and services in Dominica, as well as a direct contact with the French West Indies paramedics for immediate air evacuation to the best hospitals of the area.

The whole team of Caribbean Freedom Diving is made up of professionals volunteering on the community project.

Jeff Coulais
Coach, Instructor Trainer/ Trainer Surf & Diving
Co-founder AIDA international

Teaching apnea since 1993, he obtained a world record in 1997. He’s been a coach for high level champions as well as for beginners who discover or wish to progress at free Diving. He is a specialist in rescue and yoga and is Oceanide school’s manager in France since 1995.

Stéphanie Vautey

Water Therapist

Specialist in Janzu, aquatic relaxation. She teaches and trains this discipline around the world. Founder of the school Ojanzu. The French School of Janzu offers you certified Trainings. Based in Montpellier and La Réunion.

Click here to discover OJANZU school.

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