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Jeff Coulais
Coach, Instructor Trainer/ Trainer Surf & Diving
Co-founder AIDA international

Teaching apnea since 1993, he obtained a world record in 1997. He’s been a coach for high level champions as well as for beginners who discover or wish to progress at free Diving. He is a specialist in rescue and yoga and is Oceanide school’s manager in France since 1995.

Stéphanie Vautey

Water Therapist

Specialist in Janzu, aquatic relaxation. She teaches and trains this discipline around the world. Founder of the school Ojanzu. The French School of Janzu offers you certified Trainings. Based in Montpellier and La RĂ©union.

Click here to discover OJANZU school.


Discover Snorkelling

Guide by a professional instructor

Discover the best secret places of the marine reserve in a safely and conscious way.

How to:

  • breathe
  • lean to use your equipment properly
  • swim and watch
  • protect the marine reserve

1 Pers: 40 US$
2 People: 35 US$
3-5 People: 30 US$

Discover Freediving
(Half day)

How to:

  • relaxation technique
  • breathing technique
  • safety
  • hold your breath
  • use your equipment properly
  • duck dive
  • protect the marine reserve

1 Pers: 90 US$
2 People: 75 US$
3-5 People: 60 US$

Possibility to decide to go for a full day option at the end of the morning session.


Discover Freediving
(Full day)

How to:

  • duck dive
  • relaxation technique
  • breathing technique
  • safety
  • hold your breath
  • use your equipment properly
  • protect the marine reserve

Use your new skill to explore the marine reserve, learn to equalize, use your new skill to start to explore depth in a safe and relaxed way.

1 Pers: 119 US

Freediving Courses

International freediving

  • AIDA 1* Beginner (1 day, 1 theory session, 1 static session, 1 open water session): 119 US$
  • AIDA 2* Intermediate (2,5 days, 2 theory session, 1 static & 1 dynamic session, 3 open water session, exam): 260 US$
  • AIDA 1* + 2* Package (3 days, 2 theory session, 2 static sessions, 1 dynamic session, 3 open water session, exam): 350 US$
  • AIDA 3* Advanced (3 days, 3 theory session, 1 static & 1 dynamic sessions , 3 open water session, exam): 320 US$
  • AIDA 4* Master (4 days, 4 theory session, 1 static & 1 dynamic sessions, 3 open water session, exam): 440 US$
  • AIDA Instructor Upon Request (8/9 days): 1100 US$

Freediving Training

With professional instructors
  • 1 trainings: 35 US$
  • 5 trainings: 160 US$
  • 10 trainings: 300 US$
  • 15 trainings: 400 US$

Guided Session

Yoga/Stretching/breathing (Before or after training 1H)

  • 1 session: 40 US$
  • 5 sessions: 150 US$
  • 10 sessions: 210 US$

Janzu Therapy

Deep aquatic relaxation 

  • 1 session: 80 US$

Dominica the nature island

Where to find us?

The school is located on the beach in Scotts Head, surrounded by the fishermen’s beach huts and colourful boats. You can’t miss our blue beach hut!

Of course if you come and dive with us, since we can arrange your accomodation, we’ll be happy to welcome you at your arrival in Dominica and take you safely home before we jump in crystal clear water.

Where to eat ? have a drink ?

You’ll find many restaurants, bars and snacks in the area, offering a large range of local, creole and international cuisine for all budgets.

Most of them are open 7/7 and others open randomly, so you’ll always find a good opportunity for a new taste!

Quand venir?

Il s’agit d’un climat tropical avec une tempĂ©rature de l’air d’environ 27 ° C toute l’annĂ©e. Vous pouvez profiter du soleil toute l’annĂ©e ici, bien qu’il y ait une saison «sèche» et «humide». Pendant la saison sèche la nuit, de janvier Ă  juin, les tempĂ©ratures peuvent ĂŞtre plus fraĂ®ches grâce Ă  une belle brise. Il est plus susceptible de pleuvoir de juin Ă  novembre avec un pic en aoĂ»t, septembre et novembre, avec de possibles tempĂŞtes ou ouragans. En raison du changement climatique mondial, les choses ne sont parfois pas si Ă©videntes.

La tempĂ©rature de l’eau dans la baie de Portsmouth est de 28-30 ° C. La visibilitĂ© est gĂ©nĂ©ralement de 30 mètres.

Where to sleep?

We’ll be happy to offer you a freediving & on-site accomodation package. Simply ask us !

There are many comfortable Eco-lodges, Guesthouses, house rentals and camping sites around Soufriere and Scotts Head, for all budgets. You can check online or ask us to book your accommodation for you.

Indeed, we have special rates negociated with local landlords especially for our freedivers. We can give you details about each place and help your to choose the one that really fits your needs and budget. Note that some nice and affordable places do not advertise online.

Prices go from 20 US$ to 75 US$ a night.

What else to do?

You are now on the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean.

So if you want more than freediving, snorkelling and yoga with us, we highly recommend you to give a try to hiking. Dominica has a large variety of hiking itineraries, from beginner to advanced level withunforgettable views, natural pools, rivers, waterfalls, wild jungles and breathtaking landscapes.

You can also choose to scuba dive with one of our partners, or snorkel in another magical place.

You can rent a car and check the Northern or the Eastern part of the island.

You can explore the Kalinago territories and learn about the history of this first and original people of the Caribbean. You can learn about the archaeological, ethnological and farming surveys conducted on the island. Ask us and we will be happy to introduce you to the researchers!

You can chill out at a Creole or Reggae Music Festival.

You could stay here for months and would still have more to discover!

How to get there?

First of all, we’ll be happy to help you book your trip, we are used to it and know many tricks to facilitate your travel. Just ask us !

Coming from Europe, you can easily fly to Guadeloupe or Martinique and then take a boat to Dominica. Round trip tickets from Paris start at 398 euros during the low season. You can check with Corsair, Air France, Air CaraĂŻbes and XL Airways. Some airlines allow divers to carry an extra piece of luggage for free. Some airlines offer solutions for departures from many cities in France. Feel free to ask us details!

From Guadeloupe or Martinique, the boat is the cheapest and easiest way to arrive here. The boat company is L’express des Iles: departures almost every day, it will take you around 2 hours and cost 79 to 99 euros (round trip prices) from Pointe-à-Pitre or Fort-de-France to Roseau, Dominica.

Coming from the FWI, other Caribbean islands, the United States or South America, you can fly to Canefield or Melville Hall aiports in Dominica. You can buy your tickets with Air CaraĂŻbes or LIAT.

We can welcome you at your arrival and arrange the transportation to our school.

We definitely can help you to book your trip, just ask for it !

Can I rent equipment from the school?

Of course, you can rent some equipment from the school. Mainly for freediving as a beginner or intermediate, also for lifesaving and snorkeling, in plus of stand-up paddle boards.

If you are an active freediving instructor, you can rent buoys, flags, cables and bottom weights from us to come and train here with your students. Simply ask us the conditions for the use of our facilites !

We also have some amazing high quality wetsuits as well and a few specific freediving gear like low volume masks and long bi-fins or monofins. Though, most of advanced freedivers come with their own equipment and would not change it !

Dois-je louer une voiture?

Vous pouvez certainement louer une voiture si vous souhaitez explorer l’Ă®le par vous-mĂŞme.

Vous n’avez certainement pas besoin de louer une voiture si vous choisissez notre forfait apnĂ©e et hĂ©bergement sur place!

Bon Ă  savoir: vĂ©hicules Ă  droite, conduite Ă  gauche; certaines routes ainsi que certaines voitures de location peuvent ĂŞtre en mauvais Ă©tat. Si vous avez l’intention de rester au mĂŞme endroit pour la plongĂ©e ou l’apnĂ©e, vous n’avez pas nĂ©cessairement besoin d’une voiture.

Le mode de transport le plus courant sur l’Ă®le est le bus local.

Vous trouverez des bus locaux pour aller partout Ă  tout moment (sauf le dimanche) Ă  bas prix (Roseau Ă  Portsmouth coĂ»te 9 USD pour 1 passager), ainsi que des taxis locaux abordables. Vous pouvez Ă©galement profiter d’un tour gratuit sur une camionnette en cas de besoin!

OĂą acheter de l’Ă©picerie, des fruits frais, du poisson frais …?

Vous trouverez de nombreuses collations et petites épiceries dans la région pour la routine quotidienne, mais de nombreuses petites huttes vendent des articles différents. Les œufs sont vendus dans de nombreux petits magasins partout et si vous voulez des produits frais biologiques locaux, nous pourrons peut-être vous aider!

Vous pouvez acheter du poisson frais directement auprès des pêcheurs de Portsmouth tous les matins et même commander des articles spéciaux (homards…).


Pour les fruits et lĂ©gumes frais, vous trouverez des camionnettes qui s’arrĂŞtent au hasard dans les rues.

Pour plus de shopping de fruits et lĂ©gumes, il y a un marchĂ© quotidien Ă  Roseau avec une large gamme de produits frais locaux et d’Ă©pices. Vous le trouverez facilement, Ă  proximitĂ© de la gare maritime. Certains sont biologiques.

Ă€ Roseau, vous trouverez Ă©galement de nombreux supermarchĂ©s. Certains produits auxquels vous pourriez ĂŞtre habituĂ©s sont assez rares sur l’Ă®le.

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